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Radar detectors

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Any feedback from radar detector owners out there ? Seems like Escort n Valentine r the premium brands n both say they r the best, but nothing like "real world" experience to help with a decision. I know none of us exceed the speed limit in our Bosses,so this is strictly for educational purposes. ::)


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For the longest time I had a Uniden. Worked great. Bit the bullet and bought the V1 based on all the praise on the internet and then sold my Uniden. Really didn't think it was worth all the hype so I returned it. I bought a factory reconditioned Passport off of ebay from Escort and it worked just as well as my Uniden did. Unfortunately there were some warranty issues so I just upgraded to a new one.
With all that said, you really have to be smart with it. Laser goes off and you're speeding, you're done. It has saved me many times and has paid for itself over and over again.
Just bought a blendmount and will be hardwiring mine over the weekend.
Tulsa, OK
I used a Valentine for the longest time and thought it was great. I had it hardwired and ran a custom mute switch. I don't use any detector now though, and I haven't received a ticket since I got rid of my detector. :) As you know they are just a tool and if used correctly they work great but don't give you blanket protection for speeding. I just decided to slow it down and not constantly be scanning my surroundings for the black and white. Good luck with you choice!
I've been a V1 owner my whole life. However, If I was going to spend the money, I would get the new Escort Passport Max. Here's my reasons: With the new red light camera's and photo radar in my state, the use of a Radar with GPS is a must.

Most LEO's use Laser now. The reality with Laser is this, if your seriously speeding, no Radar will help you with Laser. Every Laser encounter I have had, I saw the motor cop before he zapped me. Laser requires the motor cop to sight you in as a target, so in most cases you will see them, this is really your best and only defense.


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I had a V1 back in the day and as well as it worked...all it was really good for was telling me when it was time to pull over. I haven't had a radar in my car since 2004 and haven't had a ticket since then. For me personally the radar was a false safety net for being heavy footed on the freeway. My bother in law is a CHP officer and he simply laughs at the idea of radar/laser dectectors because they use Lidar almost exclusively.

Actually, now that I think about it he did mention that he tended not to give warnings to those with radar/laser detectors..."hey, you knew I was there".

Some 5.0 have radar detector detectors...

Having said that V1 is the best I've used..

And I've tried quite a few (including the ultra hyped K40 F/R w/jammers)
VTBoss302 said:

Some 5.0 have radar detector detectors...

Having said that V1 is the best I've used..

And I've tried quite a few (including the ultra hyped K40 F/R w/jammers)

In states like VA where radar detectors are illegal, they do. You can, however buy a radar detector, detector detector to jam theirs.

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I have always used Escort. My daily driver is a F-150 Eco Boost that I put a lot of miles on (yes they are fast). Installed the Escort Passport 9500ci. Expensive, yes. Does it work , yes. Discreet ,yes. Did I say expensive , yes. Worth it, yes IMO compared to tickets and insurance rate increases. The Cops are out to give tickets as the government wants the $. They are really bad in WA. state. Got two red light camera tickets in the mail both BS. So installed the 9100ci. It does everything all radars , laser, laser jamming, red light and speed cameras is up dateable and you can mark your own spots. The best part is the laser jamming, you are going along deep in thought and do not mean to be speeding but you are 15 over. Off goes the laser detection and jamming, the cop sees nothing on his laser gun. You calmly tape the brakes and bring the car down in speed then you touch the jamming mute button and the jamming stops for a couple minutes and the Cop sees you at speed limit. He moves on to the next person. Has saved me many times. The Ka and K work awesome as well super long range front and rear. No more red light BS really hate these as they are not fair.
Its a custom install, but can be moved when vehicles are sold. Have not put one in the Boss as I do not put a lot of miles on it and tend to drive slower when in the Boss. But watch out when I'm in my work truck, got places to go and people to see.
I have been using the Escort 9500ix for a couple of years now. This unit is perfect, with the Gps it will lock out the false signals like store front auto opening doors and roadside radars that you pass every day. It also gives your exact digital speed as your traveling. It even saved me from a ticket while sitting at a stoplight. I was going to do a burnoff when the light turned green, then the detector came to life, I couldn't see the cop until the turn lane light changed. I would have done a burnout right in front of him. Well worth the 500 bucks.

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