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Ran Master Cylinder Dry…

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Hey folks, so in the process of doing the S197 upgrade to the S550 6-pot front calipers and replacing rear calipers, I accidentally let the master cylinder run dry…argh.
I understand that likely means 1) the master cylinder needs to be bled and 2) the ABS module needs to be bled. Awesome.
I haven’t found much in searching to help figure out how I’m going to tackle the master cylinder bleed. Can I do it in the car? I do have a lift, if it helps.

Is it a lot of work to remove the master cylinder?
As for cycling the ABS module, I do have the Ford Pro Cal tool - not sure of it has that capability. If not, I could get the car to the shop at the track to address that issue. But with the master cylinder the way it is, I get a pedal that goes to the floor right now.

Appreciate any input. The car is a 2011 Mustang GT originally with brembos (that master cylinder).

And sorry if I did a bad job searching!


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Before you tear the master cylinder out. Try refilling and bleeding the brakes. If it bleeds through you dodged a bullet. I have run the master dry, or at least pulled air through it and was able to simple bleed the system. Good luck
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