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rear caliper piston seal picture


Here is what my piston looked like while changing from stock to rs56 pads. I could not get the extra rubber to stay down so with the new pad it is probably still touching the pad. I am still learning on street tires so I don't think heat will be as bad as the rest of you, but I am still worried that the seal will fail. It looks like it was assembled poorly, but with track pads on there I have a feeling a dealer will just :eek:. If the seal does fail just how bad will it be? Is it likely to fail even with my moderate use?
I do not see a picture of the seal, but it is just a dust seal. It is not a big problem if it melts. It is also replaceable. Just remove the caliper, action the parking brake to push out the piston, and replace the seal.

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No urgency there. The dust seal is still doing most of its job like that. Looks like all you would have needed to do is push the lip on the far side of the pic back in the groove and it should have just popped back in. No biggie either way.


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You know you have to rotate the piston back in not just squeeze it right? As you are turning it back in clockwise just use a hook tool to bring the edge of the dust boot into the groove in the piston. The notches in the pistons shoul be aligned vertically so the small pins on the pad backing plate sit in them.
Yes, I rented a tool to screw it in but I think I will just buy the hand tool for next time. I managed to bed then in properly, at least I think I did. the traffic was highway was deserted in Mexico so I was able to do the 10x light 90- 50 and 5x moderate 112-37 then the 10 again. They grab pretty hard. Now for ss lines!

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