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Rear Caliper Tool?

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Getting ready to install my new rotors and pads for track day #1 on the 19th. Give me a break, mini-van class single piston floating calipers in the rear? Next thing you'll tell me is the Boss has a transmission made in China! Sorry, some of my Porsche snobbery sneaking out. I'm used to 4 piston calipers front and rear where it takes more time to jack up the car than change the pads. I retract the pistons with a box wrench. OK, since my stock pads are hardly worn I may not need to retract the pistons but I assume I'll need a piston twister tool the next time I do rear pads. What do most of you guys use? I have one of those "cubes" I used on my son's GTI and my old Saab 9000 Turbo but they are not great. Do I buy the Ford tool or is there a better option. I see a brake caliper tool kit on eBay for $120. Thanks!

2012 Boss 302, #704, CO/RT

P.S. Also installing the front cooling kit. No instructions but I assume it's obvious. Guess I need to cut some holes up front. Also, does someone sell a kit to retrofit the rear calipers with 4 piston units?
Hey Chuck good to see you over here. 8) I use a rear caliper tool from Harbor Freight for the minivan rear brakes ;D Actually they use the same caliper on the race cars and they work just fine. Almost all the stopping power is up front. Here's a link to the kit and it's only $39.95. It works great....way better than the knuckle busting cube:

I posted some pics of the brake cooling kit install here:

See post # 23

See post #91

Thanks for the tip on the caliper tool. I was not thinking so much of 4 piston rear calipers for stopping power as much as ease of brake pad replacement. But I assume it's not a big deal since the rear pads will most likely last quite a bit longer than the fronts.


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