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Rear deck lid help

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The other day it was raining pretty hard,popped open the trunk to put my grocery's away and as the trunk opened my key put a big scratch in the plastic,didn't look for a factory replacement yet,found the rtr for just under $200.00 the scratch isn't real deep but if I run a fingernail over it I feel a little groove in the scratch,I could sand it down alittle,repaint it,replace it,.....what would you do? thanks for your help......Ron
I'd just replace it, prepping it and re-painting it might be a lot of work for little return. I can't imagine the oem replacement costing too much. is it that gloss black piece? I would think it's a pretty easy to find piece.
I'm not sure what piece you're referring to. Is the black plastic on the inside of the trunk?

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Hrm...if it's a '12, the black part is just a vinyl sticker and shouldn't be too much to have a replacement re-applied. If it's a '13 then I think it's a separate gloss black part stuck to the trunklid. Either way I'd stick to factory replacements.
It's a 2013 and its the black plastic piece that holds the faux gas cap on in the center of the brake lights,I scratched it by accident and looking for opinions on which direction to go.

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