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Rear Diff Leaking

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I thought I saw a thread on this but I can't find it. I put my BOSS on the lift the other day and there was some fluid dripping off the bottom of the Rear Diff and I could see where it was also blown on the underneath of the car behind it. I'm assuming it's the rear diff fluid, it's clear-ish and oily feeling. Is there a vent of some sort that it may be coming out of?? i'm not a mechanic so I don't know much about all that??

I have been to 4 track weekends in the car and have been driving it pretty hard.

You have guessed correctly.... It is your rear diff fluid coming out of the vent on top of the differential cover. You are heating up the fluid as this is where it goes......all over the rear diff and underneath the car... There is a small cylinder like vent on top of the rear diff. You can move the vent cover around with your fingers. Some of us have opted to install a Ford TSB that was originally for the GT500.

Here is a link:

The first few pictures are installed on the axle housing. The last on is on the diff cover and it replaces the stock vent which is just screwed into the diff cover.

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