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Rear Seat Delete

Just got this, has not arrived yet but since I am doing a roll bar and belts I thought it best to do. No X brace but I do not need that now. American Muscle has a setup about the same for $150 I was going to get. They had a make offer bid so I put $85 in ($37 shipping) and they accepted it. Others could try something lower.

cloud9 said:
What roll bar are you going with? Are you changing seats too?

MM, leaving the Recaros and going to use a 6 point setup on both seats. Just hope with this and a set of Hoosiers next year I don't drive over the edge

Sport 4-point Mustang Roll Bar, no door bars, removable harness mount, 2005+ hardtop Mm5RB-20.3

Bought the roll bar and belts from Monty at real nice guy to deal with.
cloud9 said:
Cool will be interested in following this. Do you weld in attachment points for the 6 point in the floor? Also on the tunnel?

No welding, I will attempt to attach to the rear seat mounting bolts, also Monty is sending an eye bolt kit to be able to use the standard belts on the street. I will see how it all hooks up when it arrives.
I'm interested in seeing how all this works out. One of the things I wasn't crazy about was removing the stock seat and associated airbags/sensors. Did you order a separate harness bar or are you going to have something welded in when installing the roll bar? Sorry for all the questions.
Mm5RB-20.3 comes with a removable harness mount, Mm5RB-20.2 comes with a welded in harness mount.

Check out the install instruction almost at the top of the page, sounds like a nice winter project :)
That will be nice when it's all installed. What's next? ;D
2012YellowBoss said:
Mm5RB-20.3 comes with a removable harness mount, Mm5RB-20.2 comes with a welded in harness mount.

Check out the install instruction almost at the top of the page, sounds like a nice winter project :)
A friend of mine is currenty in the process of installing this on his 5.0. I'm going to take a look at his when it's all done and I am considering it. I'm curious to see how all your harnesses connect and work with your factory belts when not in use so you can use the stock belts on the street. My friend went with a Sparco seat and a 5 point and eliminated the factory belts.

You use eye bolts that replace different bolts around the seat (such as rear bolts that hold the seat brackets on, or the bolt that holds to the bottom part of the factory seat belt, or some bolts will go in the side of the seat) to hook up the lap belt system. The lap belts have snap hooks that clip into the eye bolts. Just keep the lap belts tucked away behind your seat when you want to use stock belt. I have also seen a lap belt that connects to an eye bolt on one side and then uses the factory buckle into piece for the mounting point for the other side.....
Arrived today

Take out the rear seat bottom, then remove the three lower bolts holding the seat backs on and the brackets where the seats latch up top. There is some weight to these seat backs, more then the bottom. Remove the two bolts holding the seat belts in place on the floor.

The hardest part is getting the seat belt retractors out. You have to take out the package tray, to do that you need to take out the side arm rests and the door sill, then pull the whole panel out.

Once the package tray is out you can see the bolts to remove the seat belt retractor out. I tried to reach it without taking the sail panel out but in the end I had to remove it. to remove the sail panel remove the screw for the coat hanger, and the bolt for the front seat belt shoulder harness. Then pull it outward.


On the drivers side rear arm rest a clip was bent because it was not installed properly from the factory, found the same thing on the sail panel right side and it broke trying to straighten it out. Also found several clips that were not pushed all the way into place, like wiring harnesses.

Once the seat belts are out, reinstall the side arm rests, sail panels, sill panels, coat hooks and front seat belt shoulder harnesses. Then the panels go into place very simply.
I did need to use thicker push pins on the upper panels, they were too thin to stay in place. The bottom panel is a little short at the front outside edges. I will email them to find out what is up with that but for now push the push pins through the fabric as close to the rear of the hole in the lower panel, that will let it sit as far forward as possble.
All in all looks better IMHO. Even if the color is off but I expected that. The panels are stronger then I had thought. They will not hold up to adult sitting on them.
cloud9 said:
I went ahead and ordered this kit made of ABS plastic and using bolts to fasten it in place. It's a little more money but all the reviews I read were very good. I'll post pics once everything is installed.

Looks interesting, let me know what you think. By a quick look I have a few concerns with it. One is the way the the two headrests things pop-up. I do not see a need for them and looks like it blocks view for no reason, with this kit you do take out the seat backs correct?

Second is how the front of the bottom attaches. I hope there is some way to attach them since running at high speeds with the windows open may cause them to flap up and down.

I when out yesterday to see if I could make the kit I got better. I was thinking to add blocks of styrofoam under the seat bottoms. They would be light weight but after looking into this I decided they would not help and unless someone sat on them they will be fine. Second thing I looked at was tying the two parts together at the rear along the bottom maybe with something as simple as zip ties. Again after looking at the way it sits I decided that that wind would not affect them and was not needed.
Roll bar is on the way, that was fast I can not say enough good things about the guys at LPI Racing, I am sure Gary will agree. I may have this in for my Daytona run, I would rather not install it one day before but it now looks as I can test run it a little ahead of time to get use to the belts.

Side note on the rear seat delete:

It works as suggested but the seller has two auctions listed, different part numbers and different pictures with one labeled as "SHOW". I bought the show one and it shows no visible push pins..

I emailed and asked if he sent me the wrong kit, he replied they are all the same. When I asked about the "show", push pins and part numbers he replied that

Show was a key word to attract people searching for their show cars (WTF)

Ebay will not allow two parts number the same (BS)

The picture was of someone that modified the seat delete and installed it differently.

Of course none of this was listed in the auction. It is a $5 difference so don't give me too hard a time, it's because I would rather have what I ordered and what is pictured with the cleaner look. At best this is very deceptive advertising.

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