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Recaro to leather has anyone recovered these?

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I have considered a gt500 for a few reasons now after really looking at them I love the boss too much to change so I am thinking of getting the front two seats recovered in leather by my local shop. Has anyone done this? Any reason not to do this?


Sounds cool, but if I had to guess why the recaros don't "usually" come in leather it would be because of heat and breathability when at a track.
In those conditions you likely are not running the A/C and are already wearing race-type pants. Leather doesn't breath compared to fabric. But this is only my hunch as to the reason for the fabric seats. I'm sure nicely stitched leather recaros would be comfortable and unique! Just don't forget to re-add the "boss 302" embroidering.
Yes the boss 302 would be on the leather and maybe the car number or something to add a touch. The gt500 has the leather and damn that is great for someone whom does not track the car all the time.
Heck, you can even get leather Recaro's on a GT Premium! Have a look:

Don't understand why the Boss did not get them...perhaps trying to drive cost out of the car...weight...too slippery???

They look much better, IMO.
4dRacer said:
Leather seats are nice, no question. But in the long run cloth will show less wear.

I disagree 100% these recaros are nice but I really do think they wont last 5 years the covering anyway. I had a ss camaro with leather and that leather was very durable compared to these.
Grant 302 said:
I want to do this:

Crap thats rediculas in price I will get a quote from my local shop this week I am only considering the front two seats as I do believe that there will be a roll bar and rear seat delete in the near future ;D
Jeff Quinn said:
The Boss has cloth seats because leather is slicker, and you will slide around more. The Boss is a race car. The cloth seats help to hold you in place.


There is a gt500 at our local dealer that has leather recaros and I relly think it would keep up with any of our cars without sliding out of the seat.
CaliMR said:
Have it covered in suede. Best of both worlds.

My problem is when I drive it to work I work in a medical machine shop so at times you can get these tiny flakes of titainum on your clothes it will sit ontop of leather but is hard to get out of the stock cloth and maybe I am to picky but when I had my ss leather I could vacume it real super easy with no problems at all. I do not know how suede would be.


Jeff Quinn said:
The Boss has cloth seats because leather is slicker, and you will slide around more. The Boss is a race car. The cloth seats help to hold you in place.


If you bought the car to track (why it was designed), you'll want the stock seats (or even upgrade to a dedicated race seat) to hold you in place.
I've been on track with leather--wow, slide all over.
If you won't track the Boss, look at as an option. I've only heard great things about this company.
I was kidding about the suede, having had both (and my track car's wheel is still real suede) I would take microsuede/Alcantara any day as long as it is the good automotive quality with the heavy backing. Non-automotive grade will deteriorate because of the weak backing.

jeepincola, you have a good reason to go with leather. You aren't tracking it so no reason to avoid leather. Maybe check the local shops, there may be a good one. Whatever you do, make sure it is compliant with the airbags. If they get trapped under there they can fling you out of the seat before rupturing the seat.
My 2008 Bullitt perforated "leather" seats looked like hell after almost 4 years. So far my 2012 GT 401A smooth leather seats are still looking really good after a year. I take care when I get in and out not to rub against the side bolsters since that was a bad wear spot in my last car. My big arse stays firmly planted on the track. :D



2013 SBY #0750
I had a 2012 GT500 with leather Recaros. Love the Recaros in the boss much better.Just more give to them and more comfortable. You feel more like your more 'in' the seat.
I've had the same issue as PJ with perforated leather, I suspect it is all the sharp edges around the holes getting rubbed. Like how they tend to go bad near the stitching.
I want the REAL "Boss 302" Recaro seats NOT the Ford racing so anyone that wants to sell their Boss seats to buy the leather seats drop me a note! Let's talk and help each other out!
I am considering to just get leather seat covers so I could always take them off to show off the stock seat it does look real nice. Should be able to get a price at the end of this week.

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