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red key vs black key.....dyno results

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Just had the car on the dyno. 100% stock. Did back to back runs with the black key and red key with a short (couple minutes) cool down between the two keys. This was done on a dyno jet. Did three pulls on the black key and then three pulls on the red key.

Black Key

hp: 413
tq: 373

notes: really richened up on the high end. It dropped down to the low 11s. Had the car dyno'd on a different dyno jet back in October and it put down 414 hp....

Trac Key

hp: 421
tq: 376

notes: much flatter afr. Stayed mostly in the mid 12s. Mid range had more power throughout the curve.

I am working on getting the graphs.
How much was the midrange increase in HP? Those are the highest numbers I've seen. 8)
cloud9 said:
What did you do to that bad boy to get those numbers? O/R H?

100% stock......serisouly......down to the rear tire size and stock rotors......I think it has something to do with the fastest color.....
5 DOT 0 said:
How much was the midrange increase in HP? Those are the highest numbers I've seen. 8)

I will see if I can get the graphs up. But it seemed substantial. 10-15 across the midrange.
No I sure didn't. I was so excited to go to the dyno I forgot to bring it. I will next time. I dought I do any more power mods so it will be to see the diff between to two keys.
Dig-It said:
adam81 said:
Those numbers are from a complete stock configuration.
Stock + axle-back exhaust, right? Those are good for a couple hp.

Nope.......completely stock! Down to stock rotors and tire size. Even stock air filter.... I do have JLT oil separator, but I don't think that makes any power :-\
cloud9 said:
Shaun@AED said:
That's very close to what I saw on my dyno.
414 Silver, 418 Red key

STD corrected
What would be a reasonable expectation for gains with a set of Kooks LTs, off road H/X and tune?

4-5lb/min of airflow at 7500RPM is what I've seen with longtubes, full exhaust, CAI, and a Tune. (40-50hp)

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