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Redline mtl now grinding 5th

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Just switched a couple of weeks ago from the factory fluid to mtl. Does not feel to good putting the stock stuff back in redline doesn't meet factory spec like it use to.
Not sure what's going on but the MTL isn't the problem or that would be happening to many of us. Good luck getting it repaired.


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you could try a barton twin post bracket first. I am doubting that its a shifter issue. probably a failing syncro...the heavier stock fluid was probably masking it


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Re: Re: Redline mtl now grinding 5th

kona768 said:
Going back to the stock fluid, and Ill take it in on the next grind.
Update Put the stock fluid in tonight and drove about 50 miles, much better not one problem.
Only had the Mtl in for about 200 to 300 miles.
I've never had any issues with grinding but I did have the fluid changed at the dealer where they installed the new TSB fluid and I honestly think it's a little quieter now.

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