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Removed grill plug's

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Due to the 113 degree heat we have been having here in Oklahoma lately I removed the plug's in my grill.
Head temp before removal was running 210 to 213 degree's when the outside temp was 113.
Head temp after removal droped to 208 to 210 so there was some improvment.
Inlet temp is running 117 to 120.
Interesting data point, thanks for sharing. Anyone tracking their 2013 Boss will probably want the 2013 302S grille when it becomes available.

Price is kind of steep, but street price should be better. Looks like it would flow a lot better than the 12 version.
To keep the stock on intact probably (will need holes or something to attach mesh). That's why I did on my 12. The 13 302S grill also has more of the honeycomb opened up along the edge, so that would have to be cut out too for max airflow.


2013 SBY #0750
Took my covers off last month when the temps were hitting over 100.Thought about fabricating some kind of mesh ,but looking straight on at the grill I'm not worried about the bugs clogging the radiator at all. Will check it every so often for bugs and pick them out. And, so far even with every bug on the planet living here in South Carolina,there's not a one there.

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