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Removed the antenna

Removed the radio antenna, simply remove the mast and unscrew the notched ring under it. Inside the inner liner in boot, reassembled the antenna and hung in fender well with tie wraps. Checked the radio, all FM freq's worked and just AM Fox News. Now what to do with the open hole. Tru-Value solved that problem with a black hole plug. How does it look? If you like the racy look, then its fine. Appears this is what the racers do.


if function is not an issue...The cars were shipped with a little plastic threaded plug in the base... the dealer was nice enough to provide that to me when they installed the factory antenna... they probably have a bucket full of them if you ask...
I was doing this antenna thing in the blind. First get the ugly thing off the car, then figure out what to do with the hole. What I know is as in the earlier models (Fox) the holes were stamped due to no variations (all are radio equipped), Ford made antenna delete plates for non-radio equipped cars. So as a temp fix went to yea old hardware store, bang here is a plug that will work. Now have been out looking for pix of BOSS R's and S's. I found a U-tube of the S build up, I did what they did, the plug is the same(they must have a Tru-Value near by). Since my cars is modified with FRP lowering springs, Boss S grill, front brake and trans cooling, and LS rear seat delete plus some other mods. Lastly my Colorado number plate is "BOSS S". I will be in Vegas for the 50th @ Mandalay Bay.

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