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Removing Water after washing?

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I read all the washing and waxing threads with great care and i see nothing mentioned about removing water after washing. I'm begining to get some very minute scratches in the paint. I use the two bucket method when washing, clay bar, the best cloths, etc. I believe it is coming from me using a shammy, maybe not. My car is not a daily driver or a track car. I drive it about two or three times a month. I don't have a garage, but i keep it parked under a large carport with the cover on. Last week i tried a shindowa blower with max wind speed about 200 mph, (info from website) and it did good, but they are $550. I saw a blower on autogeek for about $339. So, my question to you guys is, does or has anyone ever used a blower to remove the water? Or any other method welcome.
Thanks for reading and any help.

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Never use a chamios, only use high quality mircofiber. Blow off all the water by air. If any remains spray it with a detail spray and then wipe down with a micfofiber.
Shammies will scratch because there is always goinging to be particles you can't control. There is no where for those particles to go when trapped between the shammy and paint. I use the best microfiber cloths I could find (Griot's Garage). All microfibers are not equal. I've purchased them from wholesale warehouses and auto parts stores. I also use the same type for the same tasks, i.e drying, buffing and wiping rocker panels, engine bay, door jambs, etc. (they come in different colors). Compare and you'll see the difference. Additionally, scratching isn't limited to drying the car. You can scratch the paint while you wash it if dirt is trapped between whatever you wash it with and the paint. I also use a microfiber cleaning solution. I wash the microfiber separately without any other types of towels and never use softener or dryer sheets.
I use the same thing I started using when I had my Harley, a regular electric leaf blower. I only use it for my vehicles. It cost me about $30(on sale) and the muzzle velocity is about 170 mph. I don't get all the water off but usually about 95%.
Scratches are like taxes and death: inevitable. Good luck.
Any suggestions on a brand for a blower? I can expense one through work if Ace carries it but don't want to waste too much of their money.
How to avoid scratches, here's my methods: I usually dry my car with a Metro Masterblaster, If I'm not using this, I use very large microfiber towels from chemical guys and I "Blot" dry the paint. Never use a shamy. You also have to be very careful with your car cover. Any dust on the vehicle will micro mar the finish with the cover in place. Any movement/flapping of the cover will micro mar. Car covers are nice, but they will scratch if not properly maintained.
Metro Blaster is the best, but a cheaper alternative:
STIG302 said:
Scratches are like taxes and death: inevitable. Good luck.

This is why I think it's crazy to go insane spending tons of money trying to prevent scratches. The next day some douche will ding your door or something on the road will cause a chip. The only way to prevent scratching is to buy the car, put it in the garage with a cover on and never touch it. (and then you may still scratch it while putting the cover on!)

The $30 blower seems like the way to go. I'm gonna try if I can find one of those as well.
Thanks everyone for all the replies and ideas. Looks like the shammy will be put in the tool barn. I have two leaf blowers, one electric and one gas, i will try those. I also will make sure i'm using the best micro fiber cloths for any water left on.
Again, THX for everyones time and interest.



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Toro leaf blower and microfiber towels. You could also try the Mr. Clean autodry and spray on detailer when it dries , it works and you can spend more time driving.
You guys really blow dry your cars? Wow am I behind the times. I did upgrade to some nice microfiber towels though. :eek:

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