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Replacement front brake pads...that aren't so dirty

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Did a search and couldn't find a recommendation.

I drive my Boss a few times a week, don't expect to track it.

Are there replacement pads available for the Brembos that won't turn the front wheels black when I stop at the end of my driveway?
Shaun at AED has different pads on his 5.0 but I can't remember what brand. Drop him a note and ask him.
You might want to consider Stoptechs. I have used them and they seemed to dust less than OE and have a firmer pedal feel (although probably no additional actual stopping power from high speeds). And they're super cheap.
How about EBC red's. Had them on my last car 2005 gto. Ceramic so just about no dust at all,that is where I'm leaning to,I hate the mess the brembo's make on the front wheels too.
^yup, ceramic pads usually create alot less dust than your conventional semi-metallic pads.

if you're not looking for any kind of special performance out of your pads, i'd visit your local auto parts store and see what brand pads they carry.

akebono and wagner are some of the better brands out there for everyday use.

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Cary NC
Carbotech Bobcats 1521 Compound is a great rotor friendly low dust daily driver compound to go with. Other options are Hawk HPS or Stoptech Street Performance.

The HPS will be around the same dustiness as the 1521 but I feel doesn't bite as well. Stoptechs bite similar to the 1521 but will be slightly dustier.

Bump for an update, Firedawg!

I had a great backroad drive today and I think I want new pads with more stopping power. Am considering Ferodo 2500s like I used to run on my Evo, but would like to hear some more feedback on the Hawk Ceramics or any other good high performance pads.

I finally changed the pads out last weekend. Prepped the rotors and burnished them by their instructions...those sonovaguns got pretty

Overall I am very happy with them 8)

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