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Has anybody had there comp orange boss resprayed in any way? If so.. any problems with paint match, dullness? Also what pain was used?
Yes I had a shopping cart dent fixed in the drivers door,The cart came 100 yards down the parking lot,pretty steep hill.Cost me 600.00 dollars,had to replace top and bottom stripes.Turn out nice,nobody has noticed any mismatch of the color.The shop used PPG water base paint.
I took my car to ford and doing so I thought they could match it no problem. They use ford paint but still can't match it. They have painted the car 3 times and still can't get it right. Dull and to light in color
I would take it to a top end body shop,alot of dealerships employ BOCES graduates who do not have enough experiance to to get a match.Top end shops have there own mixing machines for the paint,they can custom mix the color with computer scanner for perfect match.
Had to replace my front bumper cover last Sept. Took my Boss to a high end body shop known locally for their street rod work.

They painted 12 small test panels first to find the closest SBY match they could, and had me come down and look with them and pick out the closest one. But when they painted the cover it dried a bit too dark.

So they went through the same procedure again and resprayed it and finally got a great match, better actually than the factory rear bumper cover.

Even though it' s a non-metallic color with only 3 or 4 pigments in the formula, apparently SBY is a biznitch to match well. Sounds like CO may be as well. Be insistent that they do it right and good luck!
They now are doing this procedure like you just mentioned with the color pallets. The have to have a pro paint rep come in for out of town to mix it. Its now been one month
Had to have my rear trunk lid painted after the salesman decided to use a putty knife or a key to remove the other dealership sticker off the trunk.Paint was O.K. but they reused the spoiler that was bent removing it and over sprayed the rear wheels,tail lights ect. ect.Had them replace the spoiler and waxed off all the overspray.Not sure it was worth all the grief,should of taken care of it myself.At least they did not drill holes in my front bumper.

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