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Restock: CorteX Spherical Monoball Bearing Kits

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Supporting Vendor
Hello All!

Happy to report we have both front & rear CorteX S550 Spherical MonoBall Bearing kits currently in stock. These bearing kits replace the super soft factory bushings on the front and/or rear S550 control arms. The factory bushings will visibly deflect under corner and braking forces which induces alignment changes and other nasty non-productive handling characteristics. Our spherical bearing kits utilize American made aluminum cages and the big one, American made FK bearings. Another huge pro is that our bearing kits do not induce additional NVH meaning these are great for both street and track usage.

We also do our best to take the hassle out of installation by providing direct bolt on completely assembled control arms for an $80 fee per front or rear set if you so choose. Let us deal with pressing out the old bushing and properly seating the new bearings. You get a completed arm ready to be bolted in and we refund you the core charge when you ship your control arms back to us.

Here's a few glamor shots. Be sure to check out the video of the factory control arm deflection under normal street driving below as well!

monoball kit.jpg
monoball kit 2.jpg
monoball kit 3.jpg


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Cmon, guys this is a must for many folks on here. Of course the title is a bit tedious and not enough folks have read it, so I am suggesting a new title:

Cortex has Balls !!!

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