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Review my brake setup, and offer pad suggestions please.

I daily drive my 14 GT track pack, and will do 4-6 track days a year.

For the street i am using HAWK HPS pads. And will continue to use them for daily street use.

I am attending a track day again in mid november and my brakes need attention.

Here is what i have planned:
-Stoptech slotted rotors (allready on car)
-Vorshlag 3" rotor backing plate ducts
-3" ducting
-Blowfish Racing fog light bezel ducts
-ford fog light bezels
-Vorshlag stainless brake lines
-Hard Brakes .5mm Ti shims
-Castrol SRF DOT 4 brake fluid flush/fill

What i am undecided on, is brake pads for the track. There seem to be many good pads, and everyone i talked to at the track recommended everything from Hawk, EBC, Pagid, Carbotech, and G-Loc.

What do you guys suggest?
Looks like you've got it covered. The G-Loc and Carbotech pads are very popular with TMO members. @OPMustang Tim should be able to help you or check with @KNS Brakes.
I run Carbotech XP24/12 combo, both for street and track. My street driving is limited to weekends, but year-round.

The reasons I went with Carbotechs are because theyre easy on the rotors. I don't want to take off the calipers too often (risk stripping caliper threads). And the XP24s seem to last quite a bit longer than the rest of the XP series, which means less work replacing pads. I'm lazy... :)

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Brake pads are a personal choice. You're going to get lots of answers!

If you're going to swap pads only, I suggest sticking with one manufacturer. So if your street pad is Hawk, I'd use one of theirs for the track set too like DTC70/60.

Your options are wide open if you're gonna swap rotors too.

I have PFC08s on right now and use them on both the street and track.
I run HAWK 5.0 HPS up front on the street and swap to Carbotect XP-10s the day before an event. I may opt for XP-12s next time, but the currect set has lasted a couple seasons.

Running Carbotect XP-8s on the rear full time, but have to put up with a little bit of noise and extra dust on the street.

StopTech cryo drilled rotors all around, brake cooling and I swap fluid before every event as well. Overall, very happy with this setup.

+1 on talking to Ken at KNS.
I have been looking at the G-Loc R12 for the front, and R10 for the rear.

Anyone see any issues with this?

Tires are Dunlop Direzza Z2 star spec 275/35/18 squared.
If you haven't upgraded the rears to the GT500 brakes, then that's a bad combo. The rears will easily be as hot, or hotter than the front even with the traction control turned off. Use the same compound front and rear. Or better yet, use the larger GT500 rear brakes AND use the same compound front and rear.
I run G-Loc and am hard on brakes. I got 6 hours time on front and rears and my front rotors barely got worn by .5 MM. I have DBA 4000 rotors and after 6 hours, I still have 32.2 MM left on them. DBA are a bit thicker than others though.

I use R18/R12. But I have the Gt500 rear brakes. This is a must IMO because of heat. My pads all wore perfectly evenly and I have front 14 Brembos. Pads are now at a little below thickness of backing plate, which is my time to buy pads threshold.

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