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rim help from the track gurus

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I originally ordered CF5 18x9.5 F & 18x11 R from forgestar. They can't make the 9.5. They want to sell me the 18x9 F.
Will that be too much stagger?
Any opinions? Should I just get different rims?


Too much stagger for track use in my opinion. Will lead to understeer and plowing.

Check out CCW wheels.
Or get the 9" for the front and 10.5" for the rear if they offer it. Better yet buy the Enkei PF01's with the new rear offset. Another option I was considering was buying the FR BBS wheels with the 9.5 302S wheel for the front and 10" 302R wheel for the rear. A bit more expensive but light quality wheels from my favorite German wheel manufacturer. (even if the wheels aren't both made in Germany ;) )
DD GT3 RD said:
Why not just run 18x10 up front
It comes down to your desire to make suspension changes. With the stock suspension you want to run a stagger of 1" to 1.5" to keep the car neutral. A wider stagger will bias toware understeer and a narrower stagger will lead to oversteer on the stock suspension. This can be tuned out with adjustable sway bars if you want to make minimal setup changes to the suspension.

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