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Roebling Road Raceway, 27-28 March, w JTI

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Niceville, Fla.
Sweet ride you have there brother. I always enjoy going to RRR. Didn't get my hot rod buttoned up in time to make the show. Will re-attack in November w JTI. Weather looks like it was awesome. Cheers
There were 5 things I remember about Roebling, and they were all in karts..
1. The laydown kart that lost it's brakes at the end of the straight (easy to do since most karts never use their brakes there, so when you hit them, they are cold), going off the end of the track into the cornfield and getting beat to pieces by all the corncobs (lol)
2. The kart in front of a 3 kart draft hit a snake and threw it into the second kart, the one in front of me (also lol)
3. Having the race delayed because there was a bobcat in one of the corner stations.
4. Going off the track in the left hander and thinking the kart is going to dig in and I'm going to break my pelvis on the steering support only to be saved by the biggest ant hill on the planet (safer barrier?) which slowed my progress considerably, avoiding the disaster.
5. Sitting the front straight wall when a 250CC 6 speed, unlimited kart went by and it was pushing so much air, it almost blew me over.

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