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Rough shifts after springs install

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Hey guys, I installed Hotchkis springs over the weekend and I gotta say I love the look of the car now. Today was the first day of actual driving, and im noticing that 1-2-3 shifts are rough. I know the same springs drop the GT far more but I thought they would make very subtle differences on the Boss. Is it possible that the driveshaft orientation has changed enough to cause this? I could be just dreaming this up, but I thought I'd share anyway as I know many ppl have lowered their car. I am still using the factory d/s, shifter, and factory trans oil. I will be switching to a 1 piece this weekend with an MGW shifter and BG SSII oil. I wonder if it's worth grabbing and adj upper control arm to reset the pinion angle? Just seems excessive for only a 1.5 inch drop. I can definitely tell that the lower control arms are not parallel with the ground anymore, and I already have cortex arms waiting with relo brkts. Thanks in advance for your input!
Get a DSS driveshaft and you wont need the uca. If you want an upper anyway, I suggest a Metco 2010 arm w/ a Metco 2011+ mount. Expensive, but quiet.
Thanks for the response.

I already have a dynotech drive shaft, so I guess I will have to look into a UCA if the rough drive continues.
I had a dynotech w/ my hotchkis springs for about a month, w/o a adjustable UCA. Drove great and quiet. But I already had the DSS and Metco uca, so I installed them. Rides great and quiet as well.

If you do the UCA, make sure you have the car on ramps or drive-on lift to measure your angles.

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