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Rousch Hood Prop Bar Delete

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Looks good! 8) I thought about installing them with my new hood, but out here in the Great Plains the winds get pretty strong. I still have this thought in the back of my mind from last summer down in Hastings where my buddy was checking something under the hood on his Z06 and the wind blew the hood down on his noggin' because the struts weren't strong enough to withstand the 30 mph gusts :D It's kind of like sailing out here, you park down wind so the wind blows your hood onto the prop rod if you open your hood after each session.
Nice. I just installed the MRT hood struts painted in KB for the OEM look.
Ordered the Redline Tuning kit from CJ Pony Parts; taking advantage of their 20%-off sale. They should be here by next week sometime.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
5.0 - Mine came in the OEM (black) color ;D Those MRT's look almost identical outside of the ROUSHE name. On of those things I wonder why they just don't include from the begining. That and a dang hole in the seat for a 5/6 point !

Cloud - FYI, the struts are pretty strong, much stronger than what's needed even for the OEM hood. One alone almost holds up the entire hood. Can't say they hold up in 30+ MPH winds, but you could always keep the bar installed just in case ;D

Going to do side air splitters with my son now.....
Pete, I'd like to see a pic of how the side splitters look when you finish - and maybe any installation tips that you figure out to go along with what 5 DOT 0 said. I have these Roush side splitters too, and will be installing over the holidays ;D Any help/tips/photos appreciated!

(And thank you too 5 DOT 0) ;)

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