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Run a vin

Hi guys,

I have a vin to run on a car I am looking to buy. Someone gave me a link a few weeks ago but I can't find the post. I am not so good at navigating this forum software yet.

I searched on vin.

I tried to find all my op threads, but can't figure it out.

Anyone help me find that post?


I tried the link in his member (list) area and it also said vin not released yet. So the link is probably out of date for 2017 cars. Thanks anyway for the help.


The last 8 start with H552 (not F552 or G552) so maybe the link doesn't work for that reason.
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Yes, saw that, I just did not want to be "public" with the vin, I am a little on the careful side with stuff like ssn/vin/meid/ip and all, not paranoid just careful. I lock my doors when I leave the house.


So you don't have a way to PM with this forum software?

BTW and completely unrelated, I saw my track buddy at the gym a few minutes ago and he ran Fontana infield last weekend with Speed Ventures (Porsche driver). Two Mustangs hit the wall (not sure where) in the same place (one heavy) that day. Ugh. Just sayin all be safe & careful out there.
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