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I see company's like Kenny brown Racing and some others run no rear sway bar. Helps car plant and exit harder/more grip.

But what else needs to be done to counteract the understeer? Any one else run no rear sway?


I have a rear sway that is adjustable, on medium currently. Might loosen it some.

Lowering the damping rate in the rear will give it some floatability.
But putting a bigger, tighter adjustable front sway (and stiffer springs, lowered, high damp rate) will solve the understeer issue. Did for me.
With a wider, square tire (R compound) setup my boss handles like my old boxster used to. I was handily passing 911's at VIR earlier this week,
and took an M3 out (passed him), wheel to wheel around turn 3 on the inside line.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
KB runs no rear bar, but they are compensating for that with their roll-center relocation kit. You might have terminal understeer with NO rear bar on a stock setup, definitely with square tires.

Adjustable rear bar from Stranoparts is the way to go if you're going to run a square setup, IMO. His smaller rear bar will give you more rear grip, with the ability to stiffen as needed to tune the handling. Adjustable front bar is another possibility, make the front super soft to balance out the lack of rear bar.

It's all about balancing the grip at either end.
You have to know the spring rates they run, otherwise running or not running a sway bar means nothing. Roush track pack runs a 425 lbs front 375 lbs rear spring that is a lot more than the Boss and needs less rear sway bar. Dean told me that at Rehagen they start with 550 lbs fronts and 350 lbs rears and generally run a rear bar.

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