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Runnig TT3 @ Sebring

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BOSS LS #469
Just a video of this weekends events at Sebring. Running the TT3 group with NASA. This is just one of my better laps. Hope you all enjoy it I sure did.


Car Boss LS # 469
Tires 295/30 Hoosiers R6 all around Front on GT 500 rims 9.5 wide, rears 10" wide
Aluminum drive shaft
MGW Shifter
Track Key
98 unleaded race fuel
Removed the grill completely
Brake pads and fluid
All the rest is ALL FORD

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Exp. Type
Time Attack
Exp. Level
20+ Years
Blair, Nebraska
Haven't gotten to run at Sebring for years , but always fun to watch. Had a silver LS run with me at Mid America Motorplex this weekend and noticed that was what you had also--- not alot of those around. So how did you do in TT3 with the Boss?


BOSS LS #469
The first day I was running faster then a guy in a corvette one group up. He chased me around every session and on the first one after our warm up session which gives us our positions to start. He did everything but climb on the trunk. After braking for a right hand turn I heard some really bad noise and checked my mirrors and he was gone. He had spun but didn't hit anything. He took the 4th fastest position from me late on Sunday. My time 2.31 to his 2.30. The boss works good but not able to shift over 6500 is really getting old. I have enough points to run full race slicks and still run TT3. Adding the lost of power and tires really leaves a lot on the table. Just FYI my class record time is 2.22. I have a long way to go. But a Boss S was running 2.27-2.28s so I guess I'm not that far off comparing Boss to Boss.

2:31 is a great time in a stock Boss. My best ever is a 2:32, outside a professional race car driver that knows that track well I doubt a stock Boss can get much better then a 2:28-9.

Rich ran a 2:16.8 at Winterfest this year in his 302S, down from 217.5 from last year, that is flyin around Sebring!

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