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S550 track kit experience?


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I can get this setup for about 750 (barely used).

I should upgrade the 70k mile stock pieces.

I know Steve ran it and liked it. I just wonder if it will make a dramatic difference in my GTPP?

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Fountain Valley CA
Hi strengthrehab, I put the ford racing track suspension package on my wife's GTPP and thought it made a huge difference. It reduced body roll, brake dive and made the car feel really planted. It will lower the stance about 1/2" if you start with a performance package car. It will give you a firm ride without making it so stiff that hate to drive it as a daily driver. I hope this helps.


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I second what Boss2620 said. It makes for a firmer but not uncomfortable ride on the street with the progressive springs and a well composed car on the track. Body roll, brake dive, etc are all significantly reduced. The sway bars have two settings. Only thing I'd possibly do differently is drill the rear bar brackets for zirk fittings but it's easy to unbolt the brackets, slide them, and grease the bar if needed.

You may not get the toe link to knuckle bushings if the prev owner used them but the toe link arm bushings are the same part so they can be pressed out of the arm and used. All S550 toe links are the same and include the solid bushing so you can pirate them. I could not get the OE rubber bushings out with the arms on the car, steel and aluminum bonded. Had to remove the arms and use an air chisel then hydraulic press. It's worth it. Good time to put 3" studs in.

38k miles and 8 track days (9 tomorrow :)) on the car and very happy with the track kit.

CHIN/CCA track day by MikeD, on Flickr

IRS mods by MikeD, on Flickr

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