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Saturday 9/14 HPDE @ Motorsport Ranch, Cresson, TX

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Oh man, it was great.

I had new wheels, tires, rotors, pads, and a Ford Racing tune.... and I'd just done the brakes myself and was a little nervous that I'd have some mechanical problems.

But the car held up nicely, new tires seemed good, brakes were great, and I improved from a 1:37 best in June to a 1:32.1 this time out.

I actually saw one of your laps on youtube again when I was studying before heading to the track. It took me a while to realize that you were going like 80 in second gear. Maybe I shouldn't compare my car to yours :)

How about you, smittytx... been up there lately?
Haven't been out there much lately. I'm going to be out there Oct 19-20. It's a BMW club event, but all cars are welcome. It's on the 1.7 clockwise, which is a blast.

Here is the link for registration Check it out. If you enter this, you could be eligible for the COTA track day.

As far as 80 in second gear, yep, I can hit about 87. I think I'm going to put a 4.10 rear end in, should work better for the tracks around here.
Very cool.

I'd love to attend, but I have a hard time doing the 2-day events... it's a little too much time away from the family to be "approved". So I've been sticking to the Apex and ECR 1-day events in fall and spring.

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