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Savannah GA and vicinity- Roebling Road track day and car show

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I figured I would give you a little more warning this time. ;)

On Saturday, October 22nd there is a great car show in Savannah, GA. It has a big turnout and they have a low country boil dinner. If you don't care for the dinner there are plenty of places to go in Savannah and Tybee Island. The day before on Friday October 21st at the nearby Roebling Road road course, Hooked On Driving is holding a track day. It will make for a great weekend, so come on out! I will be doing both, so look for a 2012 YB GT! The Fairfield Inn host hotel is near enough to the track and the car show that you can stay at one place the whole weekend.

Here is the site to check for a flyer and updates for the car show:

If you are interested in the track day at Roebling, here is a link for that.
Roebling Road is a nice track - with only one exception, if you go off, the only thing that gets hurt is your ego.

Enjoy it - remember to take pictures!
It was a great weekend- the weather was perfect. I didn't see any Bosses at the track, but there were a few at the car show. I will post some car show pictures when I get them downloaded from my fiancee's camera.

Roebling was fun. I really like the Hooked on Driving guys- they keep it down to 3 run groups so I got 7 twenty minute sessions, which is as much time as I get at a NASA weekend without as much waiting around. It is also less hazardous because there is only HPDE and no racing or time trials to put oil and rubber on the track. I will probably be doing most of my track time with HOD going forward. My instructor was great, a long-time PCA racer.

The car handled great, the brakes performed well, and it pulled strong all the way to red line. The suspension could use a little stiffening, but otherwise the balance was predictable. I took it easy since it was the first time I had the car on the track, and also my first time at RR. I did the curvy part of the course in 3rd gear and upshifted to 4th down the front straight. I left the traction and stability control on, but I hope it didn't wear on my break pads since I thought a I smelled a little burning pad a few times.

Here is a picture a photographer extorted me for, and a link to a video of one of my sessions.

Thanks for posting Ken. Looks like you had a great time. The local HOD did a great job at the event I attended.

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