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Scary moment

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It's not a surprise to me that I can get real loose in my car when it rains or if the roads are slick but this am I had a little scare when I downshifted from third to second at about 40 mph going down hill. I was not turning the car - just a straight line. The roads were very slick just after a hard rain. I was not applying any break but popped the clutch out faster than I usually do. As a result I lost control of my back end and I almost fish tailed the car. I need to be more careful but wanted to see if anyone else experienced this.

I find the stock Pirelli tires to be actually not bad in the rain, I rarely hang it out unless I want to. So I am sideways most of the time. ;D
I have Toyo Proxe 4 on my ride. not the stock tires. They are very good when it's not raining but I can't even start on a hill without spinning out. haha.
I'm going to try the sport mode you suggested. Just hit the break and tap twice on the traction control button right?
I don't think that's what he was saying, I think his point was for you to keep the nanny's on when it's raining. I leave mine on all the time, for me it save's on tire wear and keeps me out of trouble. Glad to hear it kept you out of trouble too.


No matter where you have the TC. If you lock the rears with the drive axle, you lock. I would suggest you respect the wet down hills from here out. You used engine braking, and that only applies to the rear tires. Watch a professional race and just pay attention to the talent that goes off track when it gets wet.

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