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Scratches in roof

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Had some bad luck yesterday ,backing out of my garage the over head door decided to close while I was backing out,serious scratches in my roof.Still don't know what triggered the door to close when it did but to late to worry about that now.Buffed out alot of the scratches but there are some deep ones,wondering if there is anything out there to fill in those scratches that I can put on by hand.Don't want to reclear the top but that is probably the only way to fix it.Any help will be appreciated greatly.
Not very handy with putting pics on the computer I'll try to figure that out,you can feel them with your fingernail.I've got most of them out by buffing but I don't want to buff through the clear.Have seen comercials on TV for something called Scratch Fix but can't seem to find it on the market anywheres.


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Yeah I would be worried about going thru the clear. If your nail catches it all that really can be done is to mask it with some buffing and glaze.

I do recall a commercial about the stuff you are talking about cant remember the name of it now.
is it deep enough that you can see primer or metal? if not you may only need to get some clearcoat in there with a fiber from a toothpick or something finer so it doesn't glob, then you you''l have to blend it in, not as easy as it sounds if you want it perfect. If you do see metal or primer then you'll need paint too. That gets tricky adding paint and clear. I tried to fix a spot on the roof of my bimmer a few years ago and that didn't go so well and had to take to a body shop to get it fixed. There are alot of helpfull video's on you tube and it looks easy, but I didn't find that to be the case. If you do end up fixing it yourself, I'd practice on something else until you have it down pat. Good luck.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I have used this on large chips with pretty good results. You will need to pick up oem scratch and chip paint plus this kit.
Found a scratch repair kit from Turtle wax,seen 5 or 6 different ones,this 1 seems to be the best 1 of them all and turtle wax always had a good reputation.This kit contains a clear coat pen,some rubber sanding pads from 1600 grit to 4000 grit to sand down the clear,it did say if the scratches were to the primer to get touch up paint to be applied first.I have to look at it real close to make sure it's not to the primer.Going to give this stuff a try,Thanks for the info,I will letyou know how it turns out.
Someone in your area might have a garage door opener on the same channel and it was bad luck on the timing... I would at least change the code. If your system has the IR sensors at the floor, you could move those high enough that the bottom of the car trips them. The door should not close if those sensors are tripped.

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