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Sebring IMSA race

Have you seen this? Being a tire guy at Sebring, are you hearing any scuttlebut on what they were doing?
Yep, rumor has it they wrote a "shadow program" that showed TPMS data 2 psi higher than what they actually were. I'm not sure why they did that at this race, but they probably had it on the car in 22 when the temp was in the mid 20s and cars were being pulled in for "not adhering to Michelin's psi regulations". the sad thing is, it was not the tires, it's those POS BBS wheels that are causing all the problems with the tires pulling off the bead.
I had a long talk 2 days ago with Ford about their GT3 car and told them they were nuts if they homologated that with BBS wheels.
If all the cars were running Forgelines, this would have never been an issue.
You have to start the cars at like 14psi in order to get them to their optimal performance envelope, if not, they are over pressured, usually on just 1 end of the car, like Porsches, and the car is unbalanced, Those LMPs only have about 2 inches of suspension travel so tire psi is extremely important because you have no spring rate to work with, shock developement on those cars has stalled for the same reason, so tire psi is vital.
Well glad this cluster was over with, besides only about 30 minutes of racing in 2 hours, we got hit by an errant Porsche, then on the last lap snapped a steering link which put us into another car while running 13th, I think we finished about 22 or something.


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TMO'ers can watch all the gory details March 25 at 11am Eastern on CNBC.

Sebring WEC race is on MotorTrend network now; looks like they're doing the full race live.

My beef with NBC continues, as apparently to watch the first 6 hours of tomorrow's IMSA Sebring 12-hour you have to pay for Peacock Premium if you're in the US. Because they don't want to bump Drone Racing League and repeats of Undercover Boss? Or that rugby will have more viewers than one of the most important endurance races of the year? Or maybe it's just that they think they can squeeze a few more bucks out of us race fans.

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