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Short version: Please check out my blog and Instagram page and like/follow if you like what you see! (scroll down to links)

Long version: I have had a blog for a few years now and this year, decided to embrace Instagram and created a page to help grow the blog's audience.. I will have plenty of new content on the blog as track season ramps up. It's not dedicated to just my Boss 302 or Mustangs in general, but there's plenty of content about my car and Mustangs in general due to my interest. There are lapping videos, a few reviews and tech articles, etc, a little bit about racing (started last year!).

Check them out and please give a like or a follow if you enjoy what you see! I hope to bring some cool stuff in the future like modification and tire comparisons (I already have some reviews of my modifications, link to reviews below). My focus is on sports cars, track driving, etc.

Link to blog:

Link to Facebook page:

Instagram: @TheRamsEyeRACING (

Instagram page is just for posting cool stuff I come across or get from my photographer friends (with permission) so if you just want to see pictures and not read a whole lot, make sure to check the Instagram page!

One of my most popular features has been a comparison between a Focus RS, an Evo X MR, and a current gen WRX STI. Here's a link: Ford Focus RS vs Subaru WRX STI vs Mitsubishi Evo X MR

I came across a (glorious) GT350R while testing the Focus RS. Want to see a one-lap head to head? 2016 Focus RS vs 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R - Track Video

JLT Oil Catch Can Review

Saleen grille vs Stock grille

Hope you find something you like. Thanks!
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Thank you all! I subscribed to all your Youtube channels through the links in signatures. I'm typically good at following back on Instagram, but if you are following me and I'm not, let me know your screen name and I will follow. And if you think it'd help, feel free to send me a picture or short video and I'm happy to post on Instagram and tag you.

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