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Any of you guys ever heard of this?

It looks pretty freakin' great to me. It lets you upload your lap data to the server, then compare the laps graphically and with an aerial view.

very, very cool.
Yeah, I just opened an account today. Then I exported a session from Racechrono and emailed it to their magical address. About an hour afterwards I got an email saying "your session is available".

Then you can log in, pick your session, pick some laps to compare, and it'll play them back for you. Like this:


I think you're supposed to be able to compare laps with your friends too.... so come on guys, someone upload some laps of MSR Cresson! :)
This is so cool. Now I'm comparing my four best laps from that day, and I've just learned that there are sections of my 4th fastest lap that I drove better than my fastest lap.

Also, there are a few official videos on the web site (though they might not exactly match how it currently is).
I'm not sure, but the guy who's answering support emails seems pretty responsive... ask him!

He has instructions for RaceChrono, AIM, Qstarz, Harry's, Trackmaster on the web site. Perhaps trackmate can export in a compatible format.


Papa Smurf
Tried uploading a session at 4 different tracks, got error messages for all of them... emailed the site though, we'll see if they get the data loaded up. It was straight from Harry's Lap Timer, surprised it didn't work...
Got your friend request, here is a comparison of my "best" lap with your 1:20...

(smittytx is obviously the blue line)

Bob said:
Got your friend request, here is a comparison of my "best" lap with your 1:20...

(smittytx is obviously the blue line)


That first dip really shows how you are over braking going into rattlesnake. You are having to get back on the gas while I am still slowing. I think you can pick up a full second there.
Totally agree... that part of the track is pretty sketchy for me, especially since i've been having some brake problems lately. On Saturday I started experimenting with taking the entry to rattlesnake more from the right hand side of the track, rather than waiting on the left hand side for the cones to line up (as I was instructed...). This felt a little better to me because it gave me more track in case I messed up my braking.

Ever run the 3.1? What sorta times do you do? If you have lap data, it'd be awesome if you could upload that too so that I can compare my laps from Saturday.
It's been a while since I've run the 3.1 but I'm sure I have some of the files. I'll look on my computer when I get home. I love the 3.1, it just never works out schedule wise.

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