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Setrab 948 Oil Cooler Setup - S197 & OMP WRC-R XL Seat

Spencer Terry

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Charlotte, NC
What's up everyone!

I've got a great cooling setup and WRC-R XL available. The seat is basically new, I purchased it mid / late last year and I have only used it 6-7 weekends and the car was strictly for the weekends / track days. Let me know what questions you have. The rundown.

948 Oil Cooler setup which I purchased from Swiss Boss on this Forum. I never got around to installing it, the only reason he pulled out is that he was going to a 960 setup. The setup is designed to eliminate the stock boss oil cooler so it comes with a thermostat setup to remove that weak point (Hardlines have been known to fail). This is all set up and ready to roll (no building the fittings etc...). I priced this out new at roughly $1,100+ before shipping, tax etc... and you don't have to build it!
This is a plug and play unit, if deleting the stock boss cooler you will need a new lower radiator hose and the Oring (mentioned below). The Setrab remained covered by Nomex Honeycomb material so it has very little wear and tear...

- Setrab 948 Unit (This alone sells for $500-$550 before tax / shipping). It is a VERY good unit.
-Moroso plate. Needs a new Oring. You can get one from Moroso
-Improved Racing 215F thermostat. The higher thermostat is better because it lets evaporate the oil moisture contained in the oil.
-AN 10 line and fittings from Improved Racing brand (Raceflux)
-Fire Retardant sleeve on all hoses from Improved Racing as well
-2x AN10 to 22mm fitting for Setrab cooler
-06Mach1 Air to Oil cooler mount for S197

Asking $750+ Shipping

Next up, OMP WRC-R XL - FIA approved until 2024! It is less than a year old, no signs of wear. The seat is a bit large for me in the waistline and I am moving to a halo seat since I am no longer driving on the street.
Asking $575+ Shipping (obviously local pickup would be best)


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