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Shaving rear emblem

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Anyone know how the faux gas cap on the back is attached? I would guess the vinyl has a big hole in it, but if there are no holes in the trunk then I could get Bob White to make me a new black out vinyl. Like this:

It just pop off . I use 2 plastic crow bar and pop it off, it was 100 deg. out side at the time and the car was new . There double sided stickly
tape and 2 push in lock plugs that hold it in place .The only way to get it off is to pull the darn thing off .
I'd like to remove mine as well but it's not an easy mod. I have a LS faux gas cap and it's constructed of three pieces. The silver plastic base, chrome Ford plate, then the emblem decal. I might paint the plastic base KB or wrap it in black vinyl to match the deck lid decal before I install it. I've seen a couple of guys with GT's remove the mounting wart and weld a flat plate in place and finished but IMO that's waaay too much work and $$$ to change the look. Another Boss owner with a black LS painted the base and chrome ring black to match his car.
Thanks for the info, though I am not happy about it lol

I know a few people with vinyl wrapped emblems on other cars, I think I might go that route for the chrome ring. Just need to get it off without damaging anything.

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