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Shelby super-snake brake it?

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Anybody running the shelby supersnake brake kit on their boss?
was thinking about getting them. Not cheap though. But would run and look great I think.
I was hanging out with Team Shelby yesterday and had a chance to see several Super Snakes with those brakes along with other GT500's with them installed. They do look terrific. I certainly don't see any harm in installing them but for track use I'd shy away from drilled rotors. For street or strip go for it. I've heard Ford Racing is coming out with a brake upgrade kit for the Boss but I haven't confirmed that and have no idea what the kit will include. The kit could very well be the same kit on the 2013 GT500. There are plenty of other companies that make rotors if you just want to replace them and not replace the calipers.


It's like $6-7k for the front and rear sets combined. Here's one link[1], but I forget where I originally saw them.

After hearing there might be a boss brake upgrade in the future, I might hold off for a while and see if the rumor can be confirmed.
For now, I am pondering what caliper color would go good with YB. I narrowed down the color options to: black, red, orange, blue.

I would like to eventually upgrade my brakes to fixed piston calipers in the rear, does anyone know what engineering Shelby did to account for the axel lateral movement? From what I understand using a fixed caliper in the will cause a lot of knock back if not engineered properly. Do the floating rotors help?

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