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Shoe Choices for Track? Narrow Soles Aren't Working Out? Poor Technique?

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May sound pretty silly but, I bought shoes specifically for HPDE and i struggled with heal toe downshifts wearing wider soled shoes aren't a problem. I know the easy answer (and most likely the best) is wear a wider soled shoe. My OCD is making me question my technique...Typically my heal rest a little left of the gas pedal and I apply the brake with left 3rd of toes and roll my ankle to blip the throttle with widest portion of my foot, using the ball and my foot and the floor board as a fulcrum point. A narrower shoe prompts my to be more pigeon toed and rest my heal a more in front of the gas pedal.

Is this something to concern myself with or am I overthinking it? I know with my limited experience on track I have other things to improve on but, this surprised me.
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Your shoe has to cover the distance between pedals. So, wider shoe or wider pedals?

I went with SRP pedals. Mostly because I convinced myself I was old school and could handle three pedals with two feet. How hard could it be....right.

Then....I bought the auto-blip. Switched off I can play with heal and toe. Switch on and concentrate on braking.
I used to think that so-called 'driving moccasins' would aid H&T but have found that they are actually quite terrible for that use! I have narrow-ish size 11 feet and find that shoes with a flatter/wider bottom are much better. FYI cheap $50 Saucony Bullets are probably the best H&T shoes I have ever used.


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I also have a set of srp pedals, in addition I also bought a set of piloti shoes on clearance and have been happy with the feel they've given me so far for HPDE. the sole is a little thicker than my liking for pedal feel but I can roll my foot easier than my tennis shoes I'd been using before.
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I received a pair of Alpinestars track shoes for Christmas. I immediately noticed an improvement in my heal toe downshifts. It felt like it took more effort with my wider soled tennis shoes. I also have a set of SRP pedals with the wider throttle sitting in the garage waiting to be installed. I'm hoping that this will make for the most improvement.


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New, wider Sullivan racing pedals helped me accidentally start toe-heeling but I've a convicted bliper now and there will be no rehabilitating this old raggedy man.
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I personally like driving shoes that closely resemble tennis shoes but with super flexible bottoms like moccasins. I bought 3 pairs of the piloti shoes when they were on sale and have only worn two so far (I use driving shoes for street wear-always have) and I gotta say, I'm not crazy about them. I also bought a high top pair from them that look more my taste for driving but we'll see when racing season starts.
Anyway, one vote here for wide bottom flexible shoes.
I wear Converse All-Stars. Comfortable and flexible enough to be able to feel the pedal. I suspect a lot of wider shoes stiff enough to be able to span the pedals without deforming are going to lose some feel to them. Enough that you may not be able to really feel if you are on each pedal or not. In my case I think a wider pedal would suit me best. I have gotten used to the All-Stars and my shifting now sucks with my winter boots so I think it does make a difference.

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