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Shop Recommendation DC Area

Hey all - I am looking to install camber plates and Watson 4-point bar before spring in my GT350. While I could do it myself, if there's a trustworthy shop nearby I'd probably save myself the weekend. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks, Ben

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You should contact Steve at Blowfish Racing, he's link is on the right. He's in Maryland. If he can't help you he'll know someone that can.

Hi Ben,

There are three shops around this area that I trust my car with. I've listed them below based on distance from DC.
1. Revolution Automotive (aka Rev Auto) located in Baltimore, MD
Website, facebook
These guys rebuilt my transmission, installed my McLoad RST, and aluminium driveshaft.

2. Blowfish Racing located in Kent Island, MD
Steve is the owner, I know him personally, great guy to work with. I have almost all his products on my car. He's also pretty handy and can make custom stuff if you ever need it. BF Racing is also a sponsor on this forum.

3. Mustang Don's Garage located in Richmond, VA
I know Don, the owner, personally as well. Again, great guy. He's been around mustangs for a long time and has great knowledge of these cars. Don's work is top notch. If you check out his fb page, you'll see all the different cars he has restored and worked on.

Most of these may be a bit of a drive from DC, but well worth it!

So which track events will we see you at?!

Thanks Gents! Sarkis to answer your question... I am still deciding what I want to sign up for. I was hoping for an early-ish Summit Main date, but without that I'll probably go to Dominion, and Summit Shenandoah and VIR this spring. That's as far as Ive gotten. What ab you?
I still haven't finalized my schedule, but every season I try to squeeze in 2 VIR events with SCMC. I also try to do as many events with TrackDaze as possible. Their open track events are the best bang for the buck. I may try to do Dominion this season as well... haven't been there yet.

This year BMWCCA/Bimmer World is holding a comp school at Summit in May. I'm debating on signing up for that just to learn something new and improve driving skills.

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