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Shots from Brainerd International last weekend

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Nice photos. So the Porsche club allowed a Boss Mustang to pass a 997 GT3? Nice guys. ;D
ArizonaGT said:
Lookin good, man! The wheelgap is extra-exaggerated with the 18s, lol. Not a performance thing, though :)
I know! I think it would be worse with my 302S 19" wheels with the R6s though. They're 26.1" tall versus these 555RIIs on 18s at 26.3"!
ArizonaGT said:
What's your cost on the 19" R6s?
$1509.37 heat cycled and shipped from TireRack. :eek: That's part of the reason I haven't taken the wrapper off yet lol. Waiting for a special occasion. Actually I would have run them this weekend if we didn't get rained out Saturday.
ArizonaGT said:
OUCH that is spendy. We are getting NT01s for between $800 to $1k/set out here, think I'll stay with that for now. Good data point though, thanks!
Yea I'm spending about $1050 for the 555RIIs heat cycled and shipped in 305s and 285s. The challenge is NT01 only comes in a 275......too narrow for my taste. I could run a 315 on my 10.5 Enkei but that's pretty wide. Also pretty short at 25.35" but after only hitting 144 top speed at BIR on my GPS I think I could do it. I was at about 7100 RPM in 5th with a 26.3" tire. I dunno, it's going to mess with my shifting even more though. Something to think about........


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Check out John B Tires as well...take off tires with lots of tread left. I've heard good things about this from others.
ArizonaGT said:
Check out John B Tires as well...take off tires with lots of tread left. I've heard good things about this from others.
I've gotten some good and some not so good from them. I'm to the point now that I just run new ones. By the time you pay for dismount and mounting I figure you're no further ahead with takeoff r-comps and you never get to run them new. I think they're fine if you only run a couple times a year or are just starting out. Or if you have a lighter car that doesn't eat tires like a Mustang lol.

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