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Side pipes

So I saw one member remove his side pipes at the flange and add dumps. This interested me, so I removed the side pipes at the band clamp after the flex pipe to see what it sounds like. I love it, its actualy quieter at idle, but glorious at WOT. With the flex pipe still on, it points rearward instead of to the side.


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Just make sure it's not going right over the fuel/brake lines you don't want hot exhaust heating those up

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Agree , that is hot exhaust coming out the sides with no disks in. Melting plastic hot. It will be hotter back at the main exhaust pipes. I would worry to hot. Also going to make the interior a lot hotter I would think. I bet it does sound hot though.
Ill get under there today and check for melting. With the flex pipe still atached, it points to the rear, so fuel lines etc will be safe. It doesn't sound to great on cold start up or with the lopey idle, but you can turn off lopey idle very easily. The sound reminds me of some of the cars with long tubes and an x pipe. Higher pitch and quicker pulses. It sounds angry.
So I looked, and there are no visible signs of heat. Like I said, they point toward the rear of the car and are far away from anything. One of my car club members told me at our meating last night the car sounds amazing and deaper to him. I didnt tell anyone that I did this mod. There is no added heat to the cabin either. I love it.

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