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Skinny Tire Shootout

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Interesting article comparing stock to skinny tires on the front of a 5.0. Bottom line:

"At the end of the day the car reacted better allowing the suspension to do a better job transferring weight to our rear tires. At the same time the nose of the car was lower as is evidenced in the photos with the Weld and Mickey Thompson tires installed.

There is the old addage that for every one hundred pounds of weight you remove from a car you gain about 0.10 seconds in total ET. If that adage is true then our wheel swap is equivalent to a static weight loss in the car of over 200 hundred pounds. At the end of the day the timeslips don’t lie and as far as bang for the buck goes, to lose two tenths with a simple wheel and tire swap is something that every weekend racer should be looking into. Even better, we were able to drop times off our car without adding any additional stress to the engine and is reversible in about 30 minutes."

I gained .3 in the 1/4 with my challenger when I put the skinnies on (weld rt with M&H bias ply)

They replaced 20x8.5 chrome boss 338s which are pretty heavy though.

Tracked very nicely too.

Love to run the boss 1/4 when and if fontana opens again....


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