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Skip Shift Solenoid? Need evidence on 2013.

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This subject came up on another thread "CAI".

Before purchasing my 2013 Boss, while checking out the Forum, I found discussions on the dreaded "Skip Shift".

I remember that my 2004 CTS V had it and it was disconnected. Honestly, can't remember if any other 2013 owners were discussing it.

I called the dealer where I was going to pick up my car and asked him to look into the situation. I had the TracKey installed and the side restrictor plates removed at the same time.

The SM told me that in fact there was a "Skip Shift Solenoid" and they disconnected it.

Now I know about the TracKey instructions saying that "not necessary" on 2013.

Anyway, I'm trying to get in touch with SM to find out if he remembers seeing the solenoid himself. I'm not a mechanically inclined guy ( I know how to top off fluids; check the dip stick; change oil and drag race!)

Any of you mechanics seen the solenoid on a 2013?

If so, is it possible that the tranny has the solenoid, but it is has no function on the 2013's? e.g. it's like a faux gas cap? It's there, but it doesn't do anything?


ps. glad they didn't charge me to disconnect the phantom solenoid

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