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Slightly OT but what do you think the motivation for the New GT500 going to be?


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What powerplant do you see in the New GT500?

My guess is a 5.0 twin turbo or 5.2 alumninator TT.

650 hp min. Likely closer to 700hp.
Despite the improvements in the S550 platform over the S197, I think anything less than 662 HP will be viewed as a disappointment in the automobile magazines, press and among enthusiasts. So 662 HP as a minimum, but I think it really needs to be above 700 HP to set itself apart from the 2013 and 2014.

Even if it's faster on the street, drag strip and road track with less HP, the crowd the gravitates towards the GT500 (and most Americans) love HP numbers. It needs to have a strong peak TQ and HP number to make headlines.
Assuming the new GT500 will handle just as well as all other S550s out on the market, how does one handle all that power? I would imagine that anything other than going in a straight line would be quite a handful! I remember thinking that 300rhwp in my 98 cobra was just right for road race/track day duty, but when you double that...WOW!
V8 TT with 730 hp connected to a 10 speed auto. Platform is basically the GT350 with a different front end.


Death smiles at everyone. Army Rangers smile back.
What I'm hoping to see is a TT 5.0 or 5.2 aluminator with paddles/dual clutch offered with optional 6spd MT, optinal rear seat delete, adjustable multi matic suspension, functional aero, 305 front and 315 rear R compound tires with light weight wheels and huge brakes 6 piston. That would make for a wicked track weopon.

I guess I'm over reaching but its a tasty thought!!!


Death smiles at everyone. Army Rangers smile back.
Re: Slightly OT but what do you think the motivation for the New GT500 going to

What clutch are they running in the NFGT.
IMO it should be bench marked against the Z06 which is one of the best "supercars" for your money even if they will be targeting it as mainly a straight line performer. I don't care what the HP number amounts to, I mean look at the ZL1, it has less HP than the Hellcat, yet it is faster. I think that is something that Ford needs to concentrate on. I'm going to guess S/C due to the simplicity of it and low development dollars needed to create it along with the 10 speed transmission and the 5.2L or possibly a variant of the sportsman block to allow these engines to have added HP without the blocks cracking which would be pretty awesome.
I'd never thought I say this but the horsepower is starting to get just insane. The Hellcat looks great on paper but honestly, it's not that fast. I'm hoping that the GT500 will be more of what the GT350 is. The GT350R is a great package with all of it's systems working in harmony. More of that please. If the GT500 has a huge Horsepower number but fails to put up performance numbers to boot, its going to be considered a failure in the long run. Just my opinion.....

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