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Smallest antenna?

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I had a gift card for Amazon and nothing to buy so I ordered this antenna, it looks like it is the smallest one available for the Boss. Personally, I never listen to over the air radio and in this car rarely even listen to CDs, but I could not find a complete delete for the antenna. Anyone seen anything smaller? I'll report back with reception results in a week when it shows up but if it mates up well and is as short as it looks I don't care about reception.


The other thought I had was mounting a GPS antenna there, the smallest wart type not the shark fin, but I don't think I am going to install a GPS radio so that would be pointless for me.
Antenna installed. It is not rubber, it is textured aluminum (I am assuming). I tried turning on the radio in the garage and it seemed to have ok reception, I use a stubby on all my cars so I am used to crappy reception but it seemed to work about as well as the rest do. A little static if you turn the stereo up high, but it does that with my CDs too :-\ Honestly, I may end up buying a 2nd OEM antenna and just cutting off the whip part and plasti-dipping the cut off tip. I do like the look on this better, but I'm not sure I want a rigid one.


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