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Smart Car Tipping?

BMO does not approve of Smart Car tipping but we did get a good chuckle out of this. Obviously fans of the movie Cars. ;)

Yet another reason I could never live in the city. Out here in the country if you tried that you'd quietly disappear into the night...

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
No so Smart now huh? ;)

Wasn't so surprised when I saw that on the news last night.

I really don't like their ad comparing Smart cars to off-road vehicles...maybe they need to compare to cows now.
I saw this on the news this morning, but they were reporting from Columbus, Ohio where it was happening.
On one hand I am laughing, because it is funny to a point. However I think it is bad that people are destroying other people's property.
8 people they say?!?!
It only took 3 of us and a lil liquid courage when I was stationed overseas..... ::)

Lol I kid I kid......

I have been wanting to get a smart car and paint it like a lil tykes car though lol.


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