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So Cal Spring / Panhard bar Shops for install? Price?

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So I contacted my local dealer Tuttle Click in Irvine CA to see about installing my Steeda Springs and Panhard bar. They want 4.9 hrs w/out alignment since that is what it states in the warranty book.

Having worked in the auto industry for many years I know that dealership are often high on install price for suspension even though it takes the techs half the time. It's pretty annoying.

I can probably see if the techs at my old Infiniti dealer will want to take on the project but I wanted someone with Mustang experience working on her. (but I have been keeping my distance from them ever since I moved onto my new job, I never really held close ties with anyone there).

Does anyone know of a good installer in the So Cal area that can do a good install and beat $490 for the job?

I know the rear panhard bar is something I can do in my garage but I never enjoyed doing suspension work.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Have you thought about at least installing camber plates at the same time? Any decent shop should be able to do that work. Just make sure to measure the wheels within the wells, to make sure the panhard is adjusted correctly and doing its job. Get a good alignment.

I'm in Chicago, so cant really recommend anyone in Socal.

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