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So my friend has a dyno.

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So my good friend got a dyno a few months ago and I was at his shop while he was tuning a lightning they had repaired after a blown motor. After we got done, he smiled and said lets throw it up there. It is always good to have friends that let you play with 20k plus shop toys. It is a dynocom he said it usually reads about 10% low from factory ratings. SAE corrected numbers were 398 hp 367 ftlbs on the first pull, and 392 hp 372 ftlbs on the second run. We were going to remove the restrictor plates and do a few more runs but I was out of time and had to be at work in an hour. If I bother to get the graphs, I will post them up.

That's great to have a friend so you can test all kinds of mods for us. ;) Those #s are almost identical to my SAE corrected #s on a Dynojet. That's where most of the Boss #s are coming in stock. Now how about putting on a lightweight driveshaft and doing another pull :D
Haha. I really want the drive shaft shops carbon fiber drive shaft but it will be a while before I mod this car outside of track prep stuff and some lighter weight rims. I really should be buying a house instead of playing, but I will probably do both.

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