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Some Vids at HMS

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Did my second day at Homestead with ERMS and was joined by LadyBoss for some ride-alongs. This was my second time at HMS and the first vid is session one. I know I am off line and missed some corners bad but I am posting it for the rooftop view. I did get settled in for the next couple of runs then came the rain.

The day went well except for some really inexperienced people running solo. This group does not check to see if someone is qualified before letting them into a certain class. This can be seen in the vid as I got a point by by a Porsche heading out to the front stretch when two others decided to drop to the bottom for some reason and we ended up three wide. I saw more weird things happen in two session then the rest of my days combined. There was a few wrecks and people running off track. Also cut a front tire because someone threw a razor blade on the ground in the pits, welcome to Miami :( wasted that front set now :'( Still we had a good time and quote of the day came from LadyBoss telling me she had fun and wants to track the Boss but needs to buy track insurance first. Hope that was not a shot at my driving but seeing some of the odd Miami happenings.

I will post up some other vids later.


The Boss from behind in heavy traffic
I may regret posting this one but here is our second session. One lap cut short as a car hit the wall hard. Warning NSFW language :eek:


They let us back out with the novice group. Lots of traffic but had fun chasing the white Porsche around. Got a little squirrelly at times :D but stayed on track.

Session 3 - started with a thumbs up at the flag guy for black flagging a someone that would not point-by. How hard is it, see a Boss stick you hand out the window ;D At the very end I tried going through turn 7 flat out, did not work so well as we slid sideway for a while :eek:

Most of the session had light rain, track was OK but the apex was slippery.

Here are some laps with Joe Foster. I only found this yesterday, wish I had seen it before. I was afraid I was turning in too tight but now see Joe's line is very tight. If I get down there again I will try things his way.

Ran a couple of laps at 1:49 best and a few low 1:50's Anyone know what a good lap time at HMS is without the banking?



Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Clean laps, thanks for sharing! Looks pretty smooth too!

Not sure how you get by with the 10-2 hand position, though. I know there are the bolsters there in the wheel but the 9-3 is what I always recommend.

Ever eaten at The Mutineer by HMS? They have great fried shrimp...
;D Thank you Scott, you are a sport for taking this ::) newbie out on her first day on the track. I have watched a few events at HMS, but it is not the same as going out in The BOSS and getting a feel for the track. I left with a whole new respect for the Boss Mustang's performance.

And BTW the Mutineer would have been way better than that fast food joint.

Thanks for posting the vids... I do believe you ran some smooth circuits despite some crazy driving by some other folk... giving you more of a challange.

Yes to 'track insurance' :p just in case i am in the wrong place at the wrong time


Mutineer overpriced, snotty service, avg food but then again anything is better than the worst track food ever at HMS.


You are still moving your left hand on top of your right hand like you need to muscle with no power steering. Relax and keep hands at 9 and 3 you will have much better control when the car steps out.

I have gotten better in time and that is the idea behind the "helmet cam" it makes me really think out there. I find it hard to hold this wheel at 9 and 3 due to the spokes and don't know if I will get use to that but yes I still let my hand slide a little bit at times. If I could only get the heal/toe thing down I could really fly around. Personally I think heal/toe is a myth that nobody can do ;D

Peter any idea of a decent time around the full road course at HMS?

LadyBoss302 said:
;D Thank you Scott,
Had a good time out there but did roast the front pads a bit more then normal.

Razor blade in the pits :mad:




I run 1:46's in my TTC E36M3. And a good driver in my car can shave about 2 secs off that. I would expect a basically stock Boss, camber and better street tires would be capable of 1:43's with a top driver. Homestead is a track with 1 turn, turn 10, which can make a 2+ sec difference in lap times BUT it is also a turn that has eaten a lot of cars.

Nice videos. The Boss wheel looks uncomfortable due to the metal spokes. I was concerned about it but have gotten very comfortable with it. Try not thinking about it and just grabbing it in the correct position. The metal should be a non issue with gloves.

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