Son of a Bird Bomb

Discussion in 'The Detailers Corner' started by OKCBossman, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    I goofed. Let a bird bomb sit out on my 2012 white hood decal for a couple days in the sun (I know, blasphemy) and yesterday I went to get it with some quick detail spray. The bird crap came off fine and the decal material itself was unharmed. However, I can now see the shadow of where the poop used to be. Almost like a ghost poop where it ate through the shiny finish of my decal.

    Now I am seeing a matte finish bird bomb shape where the poop used to sit! What do you guys think the best fix for this is. Can I just hit that spot after a wash with some paste wax to get the finish back?

    Know it's a minor detail but I notice it now and want to get this eye sore taken care of!

    Thanks all,
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    Jul 29, 2011
    I think thats more than a goof! If you let the bird chit sit there for a couple of days in the sun you may never get rid of the shadow. Wax may help it blend in some but I dont think there will be any TRUE fix. For $55.00 you can replace the hood decal from promotorstripes. E-mail Eguene at if it bothers you that bad. Or you can do what others, including myself that have removed the hood decal.Your call on your mishap.
    Just an FYI on installing the hood decal. It's not as easy as it appears....Been there done that about 2x. If I were to choose to put the strip back on, I would say screw the vinyl and go paint. But I like the hood without the decal!
    Have Fun.
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    Well at least it was the decal and not your paint. Throw some polish on there with a DA buffer. If your decals are matte finish your pooched
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    This reminds of the commercial with the guy holding an umbrella over his car protecting it from bird bombs LOL. Lesson learned.....never leave that stuff on your car for any length of time! Especially in the sun.

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