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Sonoma oct 10-11 2020. Nasa


TMO Race
bay area, CA
Tomorrow talkkng with track insurance. We will go from there. Max cost 3500. Lesson learned.
Putting all together and start again. Then I'll switch to a camaro.

Thank you all guys.

Heard that there are 2 type of drivers
Those who have crashed
Those who will.
I hope I've done now :)


TMO Advanced
Your not done yet! Sucks but part of the sport. My car number was 88 because when upside-down it still reads 88. Then too many liked the chinese lucky number so now my number is 116. Upside-down call 911.

Camaro is better platform and so is their 10r80 programing. If you like autos vs dct check out autobox in new supra. It is like last generation bmw dct again without all the breakdowns. Although you have had terrible luck with your a10. I'm doing well with mine but it is the 2nd model year. Try seeing out the camaro. I cannot so bought mustang. It makes battling easier when you can see. But for TT maybe not need to see especially if you are FTD guy.

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