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Sorry to say I must be stupid....

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I just bought a Contour ROAM2 video camera. I am looking for some way to import and overlay GPS track data onto the video.

I have a Galaxy 2 phone. I have tried Trackmaster and RaceChrono. Somehow I am not able to get the video and data together.

What is everyone else using that is relatively cheap and easy to use, I am computer illiterate to a degree.


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I was using TrackMaster and Racechrono2AVI. Use trackmaster to output a .CSV file for the lap or session you want to video. You can then feed that into RC2AVI to create the overlay and map etc. as a .AVI video file.

THEN you overlay that with the track video using your video editing software; I use the "picture in picture" feature. The hard part is getting everything synced up perfectly.

I believe the latest version of Trackmaster has a video function where you use the phone as the camera and data recorder. When I got an iPhone I started using Harry's Lap Timer which takes care of all the overlay for you as long as you're using the phone as your camera--almost effortless.


I use:

ContorRoam ($)=video
Racechrono for Andriod phone=data
QStarz 818xt ($)=bluetooth GPS
Race Render 2 ($)= overlay data on video


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When I was racing, I used the TraqMate/GoPro setup. Not very cheap though. BTW, got the whole setup for sale including the camera for $1,500. 8)


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